Acacia Custom Metal

A Little bit about us...

Acacia Custom Metal LLC, opened its doors to the world in 1989. Our clients, seeking one of a kind functional metal art have invited us to be a part of their homes forever. We create signature pieces, whether an Entry Door, Lighting, Furniture, Fireplace screens, etc.

Understanding our clients visions, working closely with contractors, designers, or private parties, is the key to our creativity. Acacia prides itself in delivering high end, top quality metalwork, with great attention to the finish details.

Acacia accomplishes the fabrication process by using forges, anvils, and antique blacksmithing equipment that is over 100 years old. We also incorporate modern precision equipment in harmony with the old school techniques to put an interesting twist on our capabilities.

To our clients who reside outside the Phoenix, AZ area, shipping is available.

We are also staffed for installing your projects, if the circumstances require.




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